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magnetic screen door
Magnetic Window Screen Kits from $2-$19
Magnetic Screen Doors from $2-$19
Magnetic Screen Doors from $2-$19

Watch our step by step installation guide to see how easy it is to install a professional looking JIAOYANG insect screen to your windows.

The Jiaoyang Magnetic Door Screen

The door magnetic insect screen range is designed for ease of use and offers an effective JIAOYANG pre framed window screen kit solution to keep out mosquitoes, flies, wasps, midges, and all types of crawling & flying insects. Magnetic door screens are suitable for residential and commercial use as each door screen can be installed directly onto the door frame, either on the inside or outside of the door.
Customization Magnetic soft screen door and Windows
Wholesale Magnetic screen door and Windows to Below Customers:
Export Magnetic Screen Doors to International Market: USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, ETC.

The Most Durable JIAOYANG Door Screens

A magnetic door screen is simple to maintain & is highly durable. Your new magnetic insect screens are ideal for those hot summer months where a steady stream of cool air is always a welcome addition inside any room. As well as keeping the flies out of your work or home, these quality do it yourself door screen kits, when installed (delivered FREE to your home from the team @ will not obstruct your view or block out any natural light. As well as creating a comfortable working or living environment, a magnetic door insect screen kit is also fully compliant with your local food agency, which means they are the ideal choice for hotel kitchens, food manufacturers, and busy restaurants. Whether you are looking for a JIAOYANG door screen for the home, or for a business location, these versatile JIAOYANG insect screens will deliver years of exceptional performance without any expensive maintenance or cleaning costs.
Watch our step by step installation guide to see how easy it is to install a professional looking JIAOYANG insect screen to your windows.

The Jiaoyang Magnetic Door Screen

The magnetic screen door was invented by Mr. Li Chuantao of Anhui Jiao Yang Soft Door co., Ltd in year 1998. It has some merits like no barriers for going through, closing instantly and automatically, preventing mosquito efficiently, storing easily. It is very convenient for the old and young to pass in and out. So it is the first choice for family, hotel, office to prevent mosquitoes and bugs. Even it can replace the traditional screen door and mosquito net. Now the magnetic screen door has been sold well worldwide, and has been a new and huge industry. Anhui Jiao Yang Soft Door Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, while the original company name was Lixin Jiao Yang Soft Magnetic Door & Window Factory which was established in 1999. We specialize in inventing, manufacturing and selling magnetic screen door. Our company covers an area of 17,400 square meters, including 8400 square meters of standard factory area. And our company has fixed asset of 20 million RMB, owning 260 staff, 200 sets of equipments, the product ability of 3.5 million sets of magnetic screen door per year, and over 40 million outputs.。 We have built a steady and trusty relationship with every customer, as our customers are the top priority of our business. We greatly value the needs and suggestions of our costumers. At our Live Chat Center, you will receive prompt and courteous services from our consultants, who will be at your service until you find the perfect prodcuts you like. Meanwhile, we provide automatic order tracking after service because serving our customers is the greatest concern of our business.

11 Reasons To Choose A JIAOYANG Magnetic Door Screen Kit:

1.Fits most household, apartment & commercial windows: Single/Double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, curved/balcony windows, etc.
2.Can be used for windows made of steel, wood, aluminum, UPVC, etc.
3.Extremely simple to JIAOYANG install. These magnetic window screen kits can be installed in less than 15 minutes. No tradesman tools required.
4.Save money from custom-made window screens.
5.Changing and washing the screen is easy. No extra maintenance is needed.
6.Super strong magnets are used to firmly affix the flyscreen to the windows.
7.No screws or drilling to the original window structure – perfect for people renting.
8.Dedicated industrial strength 3M adhesive, high viscosity and long lasting. No sticky residue is left after peeling.
9.Can be used either indoor or outdoor. High quality material suitable for all weather conditions.
10.Screen frame is only 1/2” (12.7mm) to fit even the smallest area available.
11.The perfect solution for renters
Great JIAOYANG window screen kit solution.....
We recently moved to a new home that has a number of casement windows with no screens. This wouldn't be a problem, except that whenever we open our windows we almost instantly attract flies and insects. After doing a bit of research, it seemed like most of our options were going to be pricey with custom window screens needed to be made. But then I stumbled across on Google and your JIAOYANG window screens, and we are so happy we did! I installed each screen in about 20 minutes. So far, they're all holding up well. Although we haven't tried to remove the magnetic strip that's stuck to the window frame, the screen itself is easy to remove and reattach if needed. Best of all, they work a treat - we can open the windows without having flies and insects invade our space. Definitely recommended for any person needing to screen casement windows. Jamie Vincent

Magnetic insect screens are:

Practically invisible when placed on your windows, but stylish enough to fit in with your home decor & environment
Designed with efficiency in mind to maximize your living area space Malleable, to allow easy access to windows
Strong and durable, constructed with proprietary material to withstand the test of time
Made to measure. You can easily JIAOYANG custom fit the insect screen to fit perfectly within your windows
Environmentally friendly! Discard pest sprays with the knowledge your pets and children are safe from disease carrying bugs and insects

Magnetic Screens Door Are An Innovative Approach Insect Problems

Magnetic door screens have a flexible edge to peel back a corner and pass through objects or to open and close your doors simply and easily.
A JIAOYANG flexible door screen lets fresh air in but keeps insects, moths, flies, mosquitos and other pests out.

Your JIAOYANG magnetic insect screen kit is so easy to install

The process of installing a magnetic flyscreen is very easy.

Step1: Clean the door frame with a damp cloth.Walt for few seconds until door frame is dry.Measure the center of the top door and mark center with pencil

Step2: Place the screen on the floor with velcro side fadng up.Cut roll of velco into equal lengh with the top

Step3: Attcah the velcro strips to top and each side of screen door without removing the white backing tape.

Step4: Peel off the white backing paper from top side of the screen only,do not remove backing paper from sides at this step.

Step5: Hold the center of the screen door to the center of the door frame and make sure there is no room under the bottom of screen,but high enough not to drag on the ground.And then stick screen,starting ffom top center(slightly higher than top sides) and working outward.Remove white backing paper from two sides of the screen ,stick velcro to door frame staring from top to botton.keep a light tenslon across the screen,but allow it to loose enough for magnets to close without gap.

Step6: Check and make sure the screen opens and closes without gaps.Make adjustments if necessary.For an extra support,you can use the provided thumb tacks on wooden door frames.We recommend adding at least 2 tacks in the center of the top velcro,and 2 tacks on each side of the top velcro(as seen in the picture above).The remaining tacks can be located to the sides of the velcro equally. Now you can keep your door open and enjoy the fresh air without bugs.

JIAOYANG Flyscreen features include: Keeps Flies, Insects, Moths and all kinds of pests out Easy installation Reduced cooling costs by enabling fresh air flow through Perfect for older style single or double doors, and camper vans, caravans, boats.

How to use magnetic soft curtains for longer

Magnetic soft door curtains, like clothes, have a certain life cycle. Soft door curtains will slowly age during use. Soft door curtain products that reach the life cycle can no longer be used.
1. Regular cleaning
Long-term use of the soft curtain will cause some dirt on the toilet surface. We can use the cleaning method to make the soft curtain look new and use it for a longer time! For some soft curtain products with oily appearance and long spots, it is not ruled out that the soft curtain itself There is a problem with quality, of course, this kind of thing is not necessary to continue to use!
2. Avoid exposure
In order to slow down the aging speed of the soft curtain, it is best not to expose the soft curtain to the sun for a long time. When storing the soft curtain, it is best to choose a dry and ventilated place!
3. The material problem
Different materials have different service life. These are factors that cannot be considered as controllable. What we can do is to use different cleaning methods according to different materials!
4. Store flat
Try to be as flat as possible when storing, don’t fold it up, roll it up Of course, the quality of soft door curtains is the same as other products. Although many soft door curtain products look similar, the service life of high-quality soft door curtain products is much longer than that of inferior products.

Six distinctive selling points of Jiaoyang Magnetic Soft Screen Door

Six distinctive selling points of Jiaoyang Magnetic Soft Screen Door
1. Perforation-free anti-mosquito curtains that can be directly attached without damaging the door frame and leaving no traces
2. The installation is firm, the weight will not be dropped when the weight is increased, the Velcro has great stickiness, and the curtain will not fall during use
3. The fine mesh, small mosquitoes can also be blocked, the mesh is small, visit mosquitoes and insects
4. Good light transmittance and clear vision. Under the premise of ventilation, a clear vision is ensured
5. Quiet wind resistance, silent in and out, sleep peacefully, in and out, closed tightly and silently, not disturbing
6. Exquisite craftsmanship, combined magnetic material quickly closes five gaps, built-in magnetic material combination, strong magnetism, close tightly and quickly. Strong magnetic block, durable. The distance between the elongated magnetic strip and the magnetic block is small at a time, with strong suction force and faster suction.
The products will help protect you and your family against bugs and insects while continuing to let fresh air flow through. With easy Do It Yourself door and window screen installation and no hardware fixing required, these products are ideal for caravans, rental homes, campers and boats.